118 S2

118 S2 - EP182


提供: Channel 8 发布: 10/08/2017 声道: Chinese

Da Li is in the kitchen sharpening knives. Zhang Mei You and Na Na witness the scene and got a shock as they suspect that he wants to stab Na Na's "lover". The kitchen is short of people all of a sudden as Zhi Gao has to send Er Gu to hospital after she fell. Ah Niang takes up the responsibility on his own accord but everyone is worried about the quality of his cooking. 大利在厨房磨刀,张没友和娜娜看得胆战心惊,怀疑他要去砍娜娜的"情夫",张没友临时放假要跟大利一起去。由于志高也因二姑跌倒,得送她入院,厨房顿时人手紧张。阿娘虽拍胸口说没问题,大家却担心他煮出来的食物"货不对办"。

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