16th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore

16th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore - EP7

Tissue Hussle

提供: Toggle Video 发布: 30/08/2016 声道: English

Based on Singaporean's bad food etiquette of 'chomping' (taking) seats at restaurants or food courts. Meet Auntie Lucy and her baby son, Mike. A selfish, greedy Singaporean Mother, who has an odd obsession with tissue paper, brought her smart baby, Mike, out for lunch. Along the way, she got hungry and was attracted to a Japanese restaurant. Once there, her 'kiasu'(greedy) instinct kicks in and she starts to hog tables with tissue paper, while leaving her son alone to help himself with her tissue paper. The fate of Lucy's precious tissue paper is unknown, but she will learn the hard way, that greed, will bite you if you are not careful. - Creator: Geraldine Toh Yih Jia

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