A Sweet Taste of Art 甜味。艺术

A Sweet Taste of Art 甜味。艺术 - EP8


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 13/03/2019 声道: Chinese

Let's join us in Jaipur to learn about the royal desserts and proceed to the alleys in Delhi to see how dessert chefs recreate the look and taste of desserts of more than thousands years daily. Learn how Indian desserts have transformed since upon landed in Singapore and changed into a modern art. 和我们一起到印度斋浦尔看最宫殿里的甜点,再到德里的小巷里,看甜点师傅日复一日,重现数百甚至是数千年前的甜点外貌与味道。再看印度甜点飘扬过海来到了新加坡之后,有了什么变化?看它如何变身,化身为现代艺术。

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