All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇

All Is Well - Taiwan 你那边怎样.我这边OK - 台湾篇 - EP6

Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

提供: Channel U 发布: 02/09/2019 声道: Chinese

The Singapore police finds a program related to the Teng Sheng Bank hacking case from Eric's desktop and officially lists Eric as a wanted criminal. To dodge responsibility, Teng Sheng Bank categorises this as an employee theft, and vice president Guo Yan Feng appoints a lawyer to file an official summons against Eric to repay the bank 100 million yuan ! 新加坡警方从Eric的住家电脑中发现与腾升银行盗领案有关的程序,正式将Eric列为通缉犯。腾升银行为了推诿责任,将事件定为银行职员监守自盗,副总裁郭延丰委任律师向台北地检署提出控告Eric,并要求他赔偿1亿元天价!

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