Andainya Takdir S2

Andainya Takdir S2 - EP20


提供: Suria 发布: 03/08/2019 声道: Malay

Leya is surprise to hear Sofea discussing about her wedding with Airil. Hafiz propose to Fatihah. Normah is shocked when she sees Lin’s marriage certificate. She cries when Lin leaves her to follow her husband. Kia tells the truth about the bracelet Jalal found in her bag after Normah accuses her of stealing the bracelet. Meanwhile Fatihah’s parent advises Fatihah to think carefully about accepting Hafiz’s proposal. Lin is shocked when she sees Normah burn all charms. She regretted all her wrongdoings. Fatihah goes to consult Jasmin to finds out more about Airil’s conditions. With Liza assurances and for Leya’s happiness, Fatihah and Airil reconciled.

Andainya Takdir S2
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