Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6

Body SOS S6 小毛病 大问题 6 - EP8


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 19/05/2017 声道: Chinese

Channel 8's iconic health programme, Body SOS returns for the 6th Season ! Join hosts, Lee Teng and Mark Lee, together with guest artistes as they delve deeper into various health issues and symptoms; and learn tips on how to safeguard your health. Starting from 3 Mar, Every Friday, 8 - 8.30PM. 《小毛病 大问题6》新系列继续以轻松好玩的方式带出保健资讯!节目继续探讨一些身体上的小毛病大问题,与中西医医师们了解不同病症的起因于如何预防并强化身体。节目由李腾和李国煌主持,3月3日起,每逢星期五,晚上8点半 – 8点半于8频道播出!

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