Challenge The Impossible S4 挑战不可能 4

Challenge The Impossible S4 挑战不可能 4 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/05/2019 声道: Chinese

Hosted by Sa Beining, Challenge The Impossible (Sr3) presents exciting challenges taken on by daredevils from around the world. The panel of judges include Li Changyu, Sun Yang and Dong Qing. Tune in to see who among the contestants will win the approval of the judges. 励志挑战节目《挑战不可能 第四季》由撒贝宁担任主持人,节目呈献难度极高且不可思议的各种挑战,将给观众带来惊心动魄的感官体验。节目也邀请华人神探李昌钰,中国奥运游泳冠军孙杨和著名艺人董卿担任评委。

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