Counting with Paula S2

Counting with Paula S2 - EP30

Similar And Different/It's About Time!

提供: okto 发布: 27/02/2017 声道: English

There's one extra object in Mr. Octopus' Shell Garden, but he can't tell which one it is ! Can the children help him find the only object that doesn't fit in with the rest of this garden ? We also find out what Mr. Squid and Mr. Octopus really have in common. | Mr. Candy Cane Man invites the children over to showcase his new soft serve machine ! Soon, smoke is spotted at the Bakery, and the friends rush over to find Mr. Baker's cakes disastrously made ! They find out that Mr. Baker's digital timer has stopped workiing. Can the friends learn another way to tell time to save Mr. Baker's cakes ?

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