Crimewatch 2019 (TIF)

Crimewatch 2019 (TIF) - EP1

Choa Chua Kang Combined Temple Murder
Violence 暴力画面;

提供: Channel 5 发布: 24/03/2019 声道: English

In the early hours of Feb 14, 2016, a temple helper who lived at Choa Chua Kang Combined Temple was found lying in a pool of blood. The murder victim had numerous external injuries all over his head and body, and there was a trail of bloody footprints leading from the body to the back gate of the temple. Although the suspect tried to conceal his identity by disguising himself when he committed the crime, the effort and persistence of the police officers investigating the case paid off when the suspect was eventually arrested within 10 days of the homicide.

Crimewatch 2019 (TIF)
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