Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 (TIF)

Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 (TIF) - EP10


提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/10/2019 声道: Chinese

During court, Wan An exposes the fact that Hui Yi and the victim already knew each other 18 years ago, and given that the victim, who was Hui Yi’s tuition teacher then sexually assaulted her, Hui Yi committed the crime out of revenge. Hui Yi denies the allegations. When Wan An showed that Hui Yi’s credit card records indicated she bought two pinhole cameras of the exact same model as that found in the landlord’s house, everyone in the courtroom was shocked ! 婉安在庭上揭露慧怡和死者在18年前就已经认识,死者曾是慧怡的补习老师,当年因慧怡被对方性侵,她怀恨在心,才伺机报复。慧怡一一否认。婉安拿出慧怡的信用卡记录,显示她曾经买了两个针孔摄像机,型号和在房东家找到的一模一样,众人哗然!

Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 (TIF)
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