Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 23/05/2019 声道: Chinese

Residents gather at the common area for a meal and the atmosphere is good. With the recent appearance of the psycho maniac, everyone worries for the safety of the condo. Yan Xun suggests an idea but Shu Juan and Xiao Long reject. He Fan speaks up to ease the situation. He Fan shows concern for Xi Yue's health. Xi Yue expresses that recently her appetite is not good and her menstruation cycle is delayed. He Fan predicts that Xi Yue is pregnant, which shocks Xi Yue. 街坊们在楼下聚餐,气氛热络。因最近公寓出现变态狂,居民担心社区保安问题,彦勋提出建议,引起淑娟和小龙不悦,贺凡出面,才缓解了两家的矛盾。贺凡关心喜悦的健康,喜悦表示最近食欲不振,月事也延迟了。贺凡推测她可能怀孕,喜悦一愣。

Dear Neighbours 我的左邻右里
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