Firerobo 火线战警

Firerobo 火线战警 - EP23

Ep23 and Ep24

提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/03/2019 声道: Chinese

Sena who lost her parents in a fire accident teams up with her grandfather to create the fire fighters, FIREROBO. They are joined by the leader Tae-o and the passionate youngster Ian, the son of a firefighter. FIREROBO are the heroes rescuing the lives of people with their invincible vehicles turning into firefighting suits. Join their journey and adventure to protect the people in Megacity ! 在一场火灾中失去双亲的世娜与祖父一起创立了名为“火线战警”的消防部队。队伍中除了世娜和祖父外,还有队长泰伍以及消防员之子、一位充满热情的年轻队员以安。“火线战警”的英雄们能够将所向披靡的战车变身为消防服,从而拯救了许多人的生命..

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