Focus 焦点 (FY1718)

Focus 焦点 (FY1718) - EP3

Thu 20 April 2017

提供: Channel 8 发布: 20/04/2017 声道: Chinese

The United Airlines fury United Airlines incurred global wrath when it violently removed a Vietnamese American passenger from its flight due to overbooking . This incident sparked speculations that the victim was singled out for his ethnicity , highlighting the underlying conflicts between different ethnicities in United States . How has President Trumps white supremacy and anti - immigrant policy stand impact the immigrant nation ? Turkey a step closer to Authoritarian Rule ? Turkey voted narrowly to expand the power of President Erdogan in a fiercely contested referendum . He could also potentially stay in power until 2029 under the new system , sparking concerns that Turkey is losing its system of checks and balances , possibly moving towards authoritarian rule . President Erdogans grip on power has strengthened over the years while the chasm between Turkey and the EU has certainly widened . How will this chart the Middle East and European geopolitical path ? 美联航强拖乘客事件 美国联合航空发生越南裔美国乘客遭保安人员强拖事件,外界质疑乘客是否因少数族群的身份被歧视,美国社会族群对立的问题浮出台面。美国总统特朗普“白人至上”及反移民的政策立场,对美国这个移民社会会造成多大冲击? 土耳其迈向独裁统治? 土耳其举行公投,以微差通过议案扩大埃尔多安总统的权力。新制度下,埃尔多安可竞选连任总统直至2029年,引起外界担忧土耳其将丧失权力制衡的机制,甚至走向独裁统治。埃尔多安的强人本色越来越明显,跟欧盟的裂痕也越来越大,会如何影响中东和欧洲地缘政治局势?

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