Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新

Foodie Makeover 美食大翻新 - EP10

第十集:Little Miss Bento翻新辣椒螃蟹II (Finale)

提供: Toggle Video 发布: 07/03/2019 声道: Chinese

What are the surprises inside the “made over” version of “Chili Crab” by Shirley (@Little Miss Bento) ? Will she present it in cute designs that she is good in ? How did she come up with a “Chili Crab Puff” ? What will foodies think after tasting it ? Guest artistes will also appear to participate in interesting challenges ! Stay tuned ! 创意无穷的便当达人Shirley (@Little Miss Bento)推出的“辣椒螃蟹”新颖美食有何惊喜?这回她会以可爱造型出击吗?她如何以独具一格的创造力炮制出一道让人怦然心动的“辣椒螃蟹泡芙”呢?前来品尝的食客对这道翻新美食的看法如何?节目中也会请嘉宾艺人朋友和观众参与有趣的挑战!不容错过!

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