Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2

Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2 - EP11


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 06/08/2017 声道: Chinese

Desaru Ostrich Farm has more than 100 ostriches. Our fresh farmers Low Yu Heng and his mother, Melody Cai and her father get close encountered with the ostrich. They hands on to feed the ostrich, to collect the ostrich eggs and to paint on ostrich eggs.拥有超过100只鸵鸟的鸵鸟园座落在马来西亚的边加兰。我们的小农夫刘宇恒和妈妈以及蔡乐璇和爸爸将会近距离和鸵鸟接触。他们会喂鸵鸟、收集鸵鸟蛋和用鸵鸟蛋来画画。

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