Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2

Fresh Farmers S2 小农夫 2 - EP8


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 16/07/2017 声道: Chinese

As cucumber and grapes are growing on the vine, let's meet our fresh farmers Faith Child, Lin Jun Tao and their mothers at Camron Highlands to learn the habitat of cucumber and grapes. These kids are given a chance to tie the cucumber with a string on the trellis so that the vegetable can grow straight and easy to harvest. They will also hands on to harvest the grapes from the vine.黄瓜和葡萄都是属于攀藤类植物,就让心儿、林俊涛和他们的妈妈到金马伦高原学习这两种植物的生长环境。小农夫们将会把绳子绑在棚架上让黄瓜和葡萄可以攀藤生长,让农夫们容易采收。

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