Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1718)

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY1718) - EP15

Fri 14 Jul 2017

提供: Channel 8 发布: 14/07/2017 声道: Chinese

Can bookstores survive ? Local bookstores are met with many challenges in the past few years, with some going bust eventually. A recent survey by the National Library Board showed that of all Singaporean respondents with a regular reading habit, only 19% of them read books, while the rest read articles posted on social media and digital news. Why is it difficult to operate a physical bookstore in Singapore ? How should bookstores reinvent themselves to attract younger people ? Frontline reports. Interactive audio books for learning ? Children no longer just rely on traditional printed books to learn languages, as more turn to interactive audio books, which allow young readers to hear accurate word pronunciations at the touch of a stylus. How do such audio tools affect children's learning, and what should parents take note of ? Frontline reports. 《实体书店还能生存吗?》 过去几年,本地书店面对经营上的挑战,也有一些无奈结束营业。国家图书馆管理局最近的一项调查发现,在有阅读习惯的国人当中,只有19%会阅读书籍,其余的都看社交媒体文章和电子报章等。为什么本地书店这么难经营?书店要怎么转型才能吸引年轻人?《前线追踪》采访报道。 《儿童看书变听书?》 现今的孩童学习语言不再单靠传统图书,而是采用能够教导标准文字发音的有声书。这类有声教材如何影响幼儿的学习?家长又该注意什么?《前线追踪》采访报道。

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