Garden Of Treasure S4 寻花探草 4

Garden Of Treasure S4 寻花探草 4 - EP13

Finale 大结局

提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/06/2019 声道: Chinese

Buckle up as Darren takes us on the road in this new season. Join him as he discovers various herb gardens filled with treasures across Malaysia - and learn to maximize the positive effects of local herbs & choose the most beneficial ones. Learn about herbs and discover how to add them to your cooking in delicious ways, with some pointers from a chef, herbalist and other experts. 全新一季《寻花探草》将会加入主持人庄文杰,亲身走访西马多个州属,挖掘隐藏在大城小镇里的民间草药园、农场,带领观众以旅游心态探索草药新地点,跟农家主人学习花草知识,一同烹饪创意花草料理,探索地点包括槟城猪笼草公园、泰国勿洞草药园、三位年轻人一同经营的花草农田午餐、萧老师的草药民宿、超过半世纪凉茶摊、金马伦原始森林、森美兰州香草花园、槟城热带香料园、隐身在吉打小镇由台湾阿姨一手打造的蔬果花田、彭亨文冬草药巴刹。

Garden Of Treasure S4 寻花探草 4
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