Happy Can Already! S2 欢喜就好 2

Happy Can Already! S2 欢喜就好 2 - EP1


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 19/05/2017 声道: Hokkien

Liang Xi Mei returns from an overseas holiday and realises that many things have happened at home . What worse is an uninvited guest moves in next door and it turns out to be her enemy - Lion King and his son , Merlion King ! What hilarious situations will happen them ? Through this comedy , Xi Mei will share ways you can get along with your neighbours , do not miss it ! 梁细妹从国外旅游回来,发现离开的这几个月,家里发生了很多事。更糟的是,家里搬来了不速之客的邻居。结果发现,邻居既然是她的死对头"LION KING"和"MERLION KING"一家人!两人搬到细妹家隔壁之后,将会带来什么搞笑又无厘头的傻事呢?通过轻松搞笑剧,细妹等人将会与你分享和邻居相处之道等秘诀!

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