Have A Little Faith 相信我

Have A Little Faith 相信我 - EP20


提供: Channel 8 发布: 28/08/2017 声道: Chinese

Xiao Xi goes to the columbarium to visit Si Yu, and bumps into Ming Ren. She learns that he was Si Yu's boyfriend and indirectly the cause of her death. Xiao Xi is unable to forgive him despite his explanations. In order for Xiao Xi to lead a peaceful life under the Zhou household, Ming Ren makes the decision to leave. Will Xiao Xi forgive him ? (大结局)晓溪拜祭思雨,遇到明仁,才知明仁竟是思雨的男友。思雨因明仁而死,令晓溪无法原谅他,也不满明仁的隐瞒,两人决裂。明仁解释他与思雨的往事,但晓溪不接受。为了让晓溪能够安心在周家住下,明仁选择离开。晓溪是否会原谅他?

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