Heart To Heart 心点心

Heart To Heart 心点心 - EP11


提供: Channel 8 发布: 07/01/2019 声道: Chinese

Wen Guang feels regretful as he did not manage to learn his grandfather's dim sum making skills, having been brought away by his mother since young. He blames Tian Hua for not taking the opportunity to learn well, resulting in the current state of business for the teahouse. Ming Sao revealed that Tian Hua actually wanted to learn, but did not have the talent, resulting in frequent criticism from Da Zhong, and eventually lost interest in dim sum making. 文广因为从小就被母亲带走,很遗憾没有从祖父那里学到做点心的秘诀,埋怨天华没有好好学习,要不然茶楼就不会变成现在这个样子。明婶透露不是天华不想学,而是没有天分,做出来的点心总是被大中批评,所以才心灰意冷。文广感觉自己误会天华。

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