Heart To Heart 心点心

Heart To Heart 心点心 - EP12


提供: Channel 8 发布: 08/01/2019 声道: Chinese

A white hair lady came looking for Wen Guang but he was not around. Xiao Li was humming the dim sum song while working, when the white hair lady commented that the way she sings is wrong. Xiao Li challenged her, attracting everyone to her singing. It turns out the white hair lady is Wen Guang's mother, Feng Zhu, also the "dim sum flower" of the teahouse in the past. Feng Zhu asks Wen Guang to sell off his shares of the teahouse, Wen Guang refuse. 一个满头白发的女人来找文广,文广正好不在。萧丽边工作边哼起点心歌,白发女人却说她唱得不对。萧丽挑战她,对方遂大展歌喉,大家都被歌声吸引。原来她是文广的妈妈,当年茶楼的"点心之花"凤珠。凤珠要文广卖掉茶楼股份,文广不肯。

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