Heart To Heart 心点心

Heart To Heart 心点心 - EP13


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/01/2019 声道: Chinese

Gang Sheng delivers a love bento to Na La and left. Zhen Jie lied that there is an accident nearby and a young man was injured. Upon hearing that, Na La was worried that the injured man might be Gang Sheng, and rushes out to look for him. Gang Sheng saw it all. Gang Sheng passes Na La her favorite childhood drink, and they started to reminisce their childhood. The good feeling they had towards each other is back. 港生送爱心餐给娜拉后离开,珍姐谎称附近发生车祸,有个年轻人受了伤。娜拉担心受伤的人是港生,慌张地出去寻找,关切之情溢于言表,被港生看在眼里。港生给了娜拉她小时候最喜欢喝的饮料,两人回忆起小时候的情景,昔日情愫渐渐回温。

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