Heart To Heart 心点心

Heart To Heart 心点心 - EP15


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/01/2019 声道: Chinese

With the help of Na La, the classic, delicious dishes of Yue Xiang Lou is being served once again. Especially the "smiling" Char Siu Pau earned special praises from the guests. Tian Hua realised the Char Siu Pau Na La made taste exactly the same as in the past. He started to suspect Na La's identity. Wen Guang is thankful for Na La's help and invites her to join Yue Xiang Lou again, but Na La refuse. 在娜拉帮忙下,《粤香楼》重现当年经典美味,尤其是"开口笑"叉烧包,更是受到众宾客的赞赏。天华发现叉烧包的味道竟然和当年的一模一样,开始怀疑娜拉的身份。文广感激娜拉的帮忙,再次邀请她加入,娜拉不置与否。

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