Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见

Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见 - EP17


提供: Channel 8 发布: 13/05/2019 声道: Chinese

Yi Yang feels dejected after being rejected by Chen Xi again and again. Yu Lin suggests that she can pretend as Yi Yang's girlfriend and make Chen Xi feel jealous. The two of them then behave intimately in front of Chen Xi, but Chen Xi appears nonchalant. After that, Yu Lin looks for Chen Xi and admits that she likes Yi Yang and hopes that Chen Xi will fulfil her wish. Chen Xi tells her that if she really likes Yi Yang, then cherish him and do not hurt him. 一阳被晨曦一再拒绝,心情苦闷。宇琳建议由她假扮一阳女友,挑起晨曦的嫉妒心。两人在晨曦面前假装亲热,谁知晨曦却无动于衷。过后宇琳找晨曦,坦言她喜欢一阳,希望晨曦成全她。晨曦说如果宇琳真的喜欢一阳,就好好珍惜他,不要伤害他。

Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见
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