How Are You? 好世谋

How Are You? 好世谋 - EP11


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/03/2019 声道: Hokkien

Ouyang Ming plans to bring Xiang Yi's ashes back to Hong Kong and is still unwilling to forgive Gang Dang. Ma Sai feels pity towards Gang Dang and tries to comfort him. As a result, they become closer, like father and son. The next day, when Gang Dang tries to wake Ma Sai up, but he realizes Ma Sai had lost his consciousness. 欧阳明打算把香怡的骨灰带回香港,而他依然不肯原谅敢当。马赛同情敢当,便安慰他,由此两人的关系渐渐亲近,如同父子一般。但隔天,敢当叫马赛起床时,却发现他不省人事。

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