How Are You? 好世谋

How Are You? 好世谋 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/01/2019 声道: Hokkien

Adai goes against Jia Qiao to buy an electrical Scooter for Zheng Xiong. Jiao Qiao bumps into his younger brother Qing Hu and ends up having a meal with him and his wife Mei Rou. Mei Rou belittles him during the meal. Gang Dang bumps into Ma Sai on his way to buy 4D; Ma Sai receives a scam phone call. To save Ma Sai from the phone scam, Gang Dang cheats Ma Sai's money. Unexpectedly, the 4D number he bought for Botak wins first prize, and this shocks him... 阿戴不理家翘的反对,买电动滑板车给正雄。家翘巧遇弟弟清湖,和弟媳美若一同去吃饭,却被美若嫌弃看轻。敢当去买4D,碰到正被电话诈骗集团索钱的马赛,以骗止骗地骗了马赛一笔钱。没想到Botak托他买的4D号码竟然开出头奖,让他震惊不已…

How Are You? 好世谋
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