I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭! - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/04/2019 声道: Chinese

Two sisters with very different taste buds have a common food they like - fruits. Host Ben teaches them how to make cooling fruit popsicles using air-sealed bags. They also go to the farm to learn more about fruits. Lastly, the sisters follow the recipe given to make a unique dish - fruits sushi ! 口味截然不同的姐妹俩,却拥有共同爱吃的甜品—水果。主持人教导她们利用密封袋,做出清凉解暑的水果冰棒。她们也前往农场,了解更多关于水果的知识。最后,姐妹俩按照食谱,成功地做出一道创意料理—水果寿司!

I Can Cook Too! 大家一起来做饭!
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