Inam - The Soul Thieves

Inam - The Soul Thieves - EP1


提供: Vasantham 发布: 23/03/2019 声道: Tamil

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” - Aristotle. Soul thieves descend upon Singapore, sent by their king from a distant planet. These aliens have been living amongst human for many years in disguise. They are each on a mission - to return to their planet with the human soul of a profile that was assigned to them. However, their cover is blown when the police capture one of the rogue aliens. Soon, the police, led by Loga, open a unit just to identify and kill these aliens. On the other hand, the King of the aliens, Gurumarra, needs the human souls soonest – to save his own planet from going extinct. A sci-fi psychological thriller that is about to connect you to the ancient Tamil civilisation of Kumari Kandam ! There is an immersive 360 degrees video available as an extension for Inam - The Soul Thieves. Viewers can view the characters in an up-close experience. Best to hear with a set of headphones to experience the audio.

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