Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走

Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走 - EP79


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/02/2019 声道: Chinese

Wei Na feels uncomfortable when she sees a photo of Da Feng kissing a sexy lady. She tries to ask him out for dinner. However, he says he is already meeting his friends to discuss about the durian stall's business. Wei Na tails him and saw the group has a mix in gender. One of them is the sexy lady whom Da Feng kissed. Wei Na witnesses them acting closely together. Da Feng even gives her a necklace. Wei Na is greatly affected by it. 玮娜看着手机里大风与性感美女接吻的照片,心中不是滋味。她试探着再约大风吃饭,大风又说约了卖榴梿的朋友谈生意。玮娜跟踪大风,发现与大风见面的人有男有女,其中一个,就是照片里跟大风接吻的性感女人。大风与该女人互动亲密,还拿出项链送给她,玮娜深受打击。

Jalan Jalan 帶你去走走
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