Lights Deepavali Action

Lights Deepavali Action - EP1


提供: Vasantham 发布: 06/11/2018 声道: Tamil

An in-house director and an in-house DOP from a production company are tasked with filming a movie with a popular foreign actress. After filming is complete, they send her off to the airport for her flight back to India. They end up in trouble when the filmed footage is deleted by accident. They decide to reshoot the entire movie but the superstar is not contactable. Deadlines are close and commercial commitments have to be met. Their boss will ‘kill’ them if they mess up the biggest project of the production company. With Deepavali just around the corner, they can’t afford to be jobless at this point and let down their families. They decide to reshoot the movie with a lookalike fan of the superstar.

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