Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP9

The Best Medicine

提供: Channel 5 发布: 20/05/2019 声道: English

There are many dilemmas and uneasy truths in this episode. Reza finds himself wrapped around the finger of a glamorous doctor who is in the news for all the wrong reasons. At the same time, Marcus is embroiled in a case of malpractice with his business partners. When Marcus discovers the truth behind the case – and that his son is involved in Elliot’s suspension – he finds himself in an ethical quandary. Having fully eased into his role as a father, will he find his instincts to lead by example ? The game is up for Chae Lian when Winston confronts Chae Lian about the discovered divorce letters and throws the household into chaos. This time, he employs different methods to provoke his mother, whose health begins to edge dangerously into a decline. More and more signs of a serious illness appear, compounding the pressure and stress that threatens to finally crack her.

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