Little Maestros 小当家

Little Maestros 小当家 - EP10


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 07/08/2017 声道: Chinese

Little Maestros has deeply moved many viewers , causing an outpour of support . In this final episode , the production team revisits some profiles to get an update on their situations and convey viewers' well - wishes . How are the little maestros doing ? Are they busy as ever , or have things changed ? 《小当家》自播出后,小当家们的遭遇和处境触动了许多观众的心,大家纷纷表示要帮助他们。最后一集,摄制组将重访其中几位小当家,了解他们的近况,并代观众转达心意。他们是否别来无恙?他们的生活一如往常,还是有了变化?

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