Mightiest Mother-In-Law - EP19

;Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/05/2017 声道: Chinese

Chen Jian regains his senses in time and is not disqualified. Wanling heaves a sigh of relief. Xiuzhu feigns illness to find out more about the relationship between Zhongming and Ke’en. Zhongming maintains the confidentiality. At the competition site, Chen Jian is fatigued and faints. He is disqualified. Wanling changes her mind about him and accepts him. Chen Jian clashes with Ke’en at work. She is in the midst of seducing Hongzhe when Chen Jian barges into the room. Chen Jian tells Ke’en the star lamp was specially designed by Hongzhe for Shuhui. Ke’en fumes. At the airport, Yinghao makes things difficult for Shuhui by refusing to allow her to ride in Hongzhe’s car. Zhongming arrives and relieves her from the awkward situation. This infuriates Yinghao even further, as he thinks Shuhui is making a cuckold of Hongzhe. Hongzhe asks his children if they can accept Ke’en as their mother. Their innocent and heartfelt words set him thinking. Chen Jian shows off his bracelet to Ke’en. He tells her Shuhui had bought each of her family members one as a gift. Ke’en is not pleased that Hongzhe is wearing one too. At dinner, Hongzhe is frazzled by Zhongming’s consideration for Shuhui. Ke’en burns with jealousy when she learns Hongzhe had dinner with Shuhui. She throws his bracelet into the toilet bowl and destroys the lantern for the Mid-Autumn Lantern competition. The next morning, Hongzhe and Chen Jian find the lantern destroyed and are shocked.

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