Mightiest Mother-In-Law - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 19/04/2017 声道: Chinese

Chen Jian is Xiuzhu’s godson. When Xiuzhu was a dance hostess in China, his mother was very close to her. After his mother passed away, he came to Singapore with hopes of establishing a career, and looked up Xiuzhu. Shuhui lambastes Yinghao and Xianglan and declares she is the head of the family. Secretly, Wanling films her scolding her parents and posts the clip online. Ke’en invites Hongzhe to participate in the Chingay Parade project and take charge of the lighting. He is tempted but lacks the necessary funds. He tries to persuade Shuhui to help him, but she chastises him for his string of failed ventures. He has no choice but to decline Ke’en’s invitation. Wanling secretly films people’s ugly behaviour on the streets. She mistakes Chen Jian for a thief and tails him into a nightclub. Noticing Wanling’s entrance, Yinghao hides. Chen Jian is hired as a bouncer at the nightclub. After Wanling leaves, Yinghao comes out of hiding and flirts with the bargirls. Xiuzhu criticises him for indulging in pleasures even though he has a wife.

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