Mightiest Mother-In-Law - EP3

;Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

提供: Channel 8 发布: 20/04/2017 声道: Chinese

Swayed by Evon’s words, Shuhui backs out at the last minute after agreeing at first to fund Hongzhe’s Chingay project. Hongzhe is disappointed in her. Ke’en deems it a waste for Hongzhe to simply drop out of the project. She is willing to lend him the money he needs, to help him showcase his talent for lighting design. He is grateful. Yinghao, Xianglan and Wanling feel Hongzhe is unfortunate to have a wife who doesn’t support him and keeps damaging his morale. Hongzhe and Shuhui’s relationship take a turn for the worse. She sees Ke’en’s name card in his pocket and discovers he has been making frequent phone calls to her. Shuhui follows Hongzhe and sees him meeting Ke’en. Incensed, she scolds Ke’en. Hongzhe tries to explain, but Shuhui is convinced they are having an affair. Shuhui posts Ke’en’s photo online and makes slanderous statements. She also pastes posters at Ke’en’s work place. Hongzhe is guilt-stricken at the repercussions for Ke’en. Left with little choice, he accedes to Shuhui’s demands.

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