Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718)

Money Week 财经追击 (FY1718) - EP3

Wed 19 April 2017

提供: Channel 8 发布: 19/04/2017 声道: Chinese

Does Higher Dividend Yield Always Bring Good Return ? According to a report from the Singapore Exchange, Singapores biggest index stocks reported average 3. 74% dividend yield, which was the highest in Asia. Why do Singapore heavyweight stocks provide higher dividend yield ? When looking to invest in high dividend yield stocks, what other factors should investors consider ? Singaporeans in Myanmar There are about 1, 200 Singaporeans working and living in Myanmar. How is living and working there different from in Singapore ? Like in Singapore, Singaporean managers running an operations in Myanmar also face the shortage of skilled workers as they are often poached by other foreign investors. How do they deal with this challenge ? 高股息股 回报大? 新加坡交易所的研究报告显示,本地主要上市公司的股息收益率在全亚洲是最高的,达到3. 74%。本地上市公司的股息率为什么会比较高?选择股息收益率高的股票,还要注意什么? 新加坡人在缅甸 在缅甸工作和生活的新加坡人有将近1200人。他们如何适应当地的生活起居?缅甸工资低,平均每月99美元。但随着缅甸开放后,外商涌入,稍微有些工作经验的当地员工成了挖角对象。本地商家如何应对?

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