My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12

My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12 - EP1


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 11/07/2017 声道: Chinese

In the first episode of the new season of My Star Guide , Ian Fang will bring you to Yun Nan , where the Mysterious Lugu Lake is being used as a local sea transportation . Audience will also be able to understand the "zou hun/free love" traditions from the Mosuo people . Other than learning about the local culture , this episode will expose viewers to famous food around the city , such as "cross bridge rice noodles" , milk curd , etc . 新系列的《我的导游是明星》之"食"在不一样,第一个出游的地点是中国云南。导游明星方伟杰将带大家走近神秘的东方女儿国,乘坐猪槽船游览泸沽湖,湖上的草海和走婚桥,也别具特色,还有了解摩梭人独有的"走婚"习俗,及参与他们的篝火晚会与年夜饭。除了风土民情,大家也体验了白族的扎染工艺,还有著名的美食如过桥米线,水性杨花和乳扇,都让大家的味蕾有新体验。

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