My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12

My Star Guide S12 我的导游是明星 12 - EP5


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 08/08/2017 声道: Chinese

This week's star guide, Yi Fong will be touring around Korea's Jeju Island. Main attractions include the volcanic landscape, Taseum Safari and trying to experience what getting lost in a maze is really like. Not forgetting savouring authentic Korean food such as abalone seafood feast, Hallasan's fried rice and grilled fish. 明星导游是权怡凤,第一站韩国济州岛,主要景点有火山岩景观和泰迪熊野生动物世界,然后再尝尝走迷宫的滋味,也到韩流音乐体验馆跟偶像做有趣的互动,还有游览牛岛的牛岛峰和白沙滩。大家也品尝了道地韩国美食如鲍鱼海鲜大餐,汉拏山炒饭和烤带鱼。

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