Odd-upation 奇异特工

Odd-upation 奇异特工 - EP1

第一集 小三劝退师

提供: Toggle Video 发布: 08/03/2018 声道: Chinese

Social Networks allow men and women to interact more, leading to more extramarital affairs. Many are willing to pay for “mistress-dissuaders” to restore their marriages and husbands’ faith. What do “mistress-dissuaders” do, and what are the skills needed ? Let’s find out more with the host in China. 小三劝退师(中国) 发达的社交网络催生了异性之间更多相互接触的机会,使得婚姻出轨的现象更为严重。许多人为了挽救婚姻,挽回丈夫的心,不惜重金礼聘“小三劝退师”来帮忙。究竟“小三劝退师”的工作是什么?要把小三给劝退,需要什么本事?请跟随奇异特工黄靖伦到中国一探究竟。

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