Old Is Gold 老友万岁 (TIF)

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 (TIF) - EP4


提供: Channel 8 发布: 20/05/2019 声道: Chinese

Aunty Shan is not around on Xin Xin’s first day of work, and Mei Fang hands her the contract to sign. Mei Fang selfishly hopes that Xin Xin will not take up the job, but Xin Xin ends up signing the contract. Doctor Zi Yi wants to do a health check-up for Hua Jie, but Hua Jie refuses. Xin Xin solves the issue with ease, and Yi Ling praises Xin Xin. Mei Fang is upset to hear Yi Ling praising Xin Xin. 欣欣第一天上班,善姨不在,美芳代善姨给她签约。美芳有私心,希望欣欣不要签,但最后欣欣还是签下合约。医生子怡要为花姐检查身体,花姐不肯,欣欣出面解决。一玲赞欣欣有两下子,美芳听了心中不快。

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 (TIF)
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