Puzzle Masters 最强大脑之燃烧吧大脑

Puzzle Masters 最强大脑之燃烧吧大脑 - EP4


提供: Channel U 发布: 12/01/2019 声道: Chinese

PUZZLE MASTERS is the ultimate competition for any young undiscovered puzzle wizards who are looking for a challenge and want to be mentored by the best Puzzle Masters the world has to offer. PUZZLE MASTERS scours the nation to find the cleverest, smartest, most complete puzzle solvers. 100 budding apprentices are invited to take part in the competition, and faces tough tests in 6 categories: inductive reasoning, calculation, observation, memorization, spatial thinking, and creativity. 70 will lose their place in the competition, while the FINAL 30 engage in HEAD TO HEAD CHALLENGES to determine who will join a PUZZLE MENTOR'S team. The PUZZLE MENTOR'S TEAMS will take on each other, and in the finale ONLY the WINNING TEAM will face the ultimate PUZZLE WIZARDS from all around the world, with one brilliant challenger crowned the ultimate PUZZLE MASTER. 江苏卫视推出的一档大型脑力偶像竞技真人秀,由王峰、王昱珩、鲍橒担任队长,刘国梁担任战术指导,陶晶莹担任常驻嘉宾,每期还有特邀明星嘉宾的加入。第一轮挑战就是晋级30 强的百人淘汰赛,一百位选手同台比赛,最终只有30人成功晋级挑战赛,其余选手全部淘汰出局。

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