SG Explorers 全民出来走走

SG Explorers 全民出来走走 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/04/2019 声道: Chinese

What are the sunset industries in Singapore ? Join Bryan Wong and Jessica Lin as they bring a group around to visit masters of their various crafts, where they will interact with them and get a chance to see their extraordinary craftsmanship up close. How are these craftsmen still going strong after so many decades ? Without any successors to carry on their crafts, will they feel any regret ? Find out in this intriguing episode. 新加坡的夕阳行业有哪些?王禄江和林佳藴将带领大家去探访这些工匠,跟他们聊天,见识他们过人的手艺。为什么这些工匠做了几十年,还在坚持着?后继无人,他们会感到惋惜吗?

SG Explorers 全民出来走走
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