Take A Break! 说走就走  短假游

Take A Break! 说走就走 短假游 - EP5


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 02/02/2017 声道: Chinese

Aven Hao Hao and Lee Bao En, both are singers from Getai. Together, they are bringing you along to “Take a Break” in Penang, eating all the delicious delicacies such as the famous Penang Laksa, Fried Kwayteow and Chendol; as well as to explore different places such as the highest building in Penang to challenge one’s limit. Both of them will also have an up - close experience with reptiles and visit the interesting museums in Penang. 皓皓和李宝恩这两位歌台好搭档首次结伴同游,到槟城寻找美食和好玩的活动。除了尝遍当地著名的小吃如槟城叻沙,炒馃条和chendol之外,他俩也和爬虫动物有亲密的接触, 在趣味馆内"搔首弄姿"和登上槟城市最高的建筑物挑战个人极限。

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