The Adv of Little Carp 小鲤鱼历险记

The Adv of Little Carp 小鲤鱼历险记 - EP37


提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/03/2019 声道: Chinese

The beautiful Carps Lake suffers the scourge of the evil snake. The small Carp Pao Pao was forced to swim out of his desolate homeland in search of the power of the dragon. He makes the acquaintances of the cowardly two-sided turtle, the arrogant A Ku and the delicate Mei Mei. 美丽的鲤鱼湖遭受了癞皮蛇的祸害,小鲤鱼泡泡被迫游出凄凉的家乡,寻找龙的力量。他先后结识了胆小的双面龟,傲气的阿酷,娇柔的美美。

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