The Female Prince 双凤奇缘

The Female Prince 双凤奇缘 - EP2

Finale 大结局

提供: Channel 8 发布: 08/11/2019 声道: Chinese

Ching Feng-Hsiao is engaged to Li Ru Ling since birth, but her greedy stepmother, Hsia, forced her to forfeit her marriage. When he refused, Hsia framed him for thef and put him behind bars. 剧情讲述凤箫(凌波饰)自幼许与李如龙(金汉饰)为妻,继母夏氏贪图富贵,强逼如龙退婚;如龙不肯,夏氏再施毒计诬告如龙偷盗,将其收在狱中。凤箫为救如龙,乔扮男装上京,以如龙之名赴考,一举而中恩科状元,更被皇帝招为驸马……

The Female Prince 双凤奇缘
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