The Good Fight 致胜出击 (TIF)

The Good Fight 致胜出击 (TIF) - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/11/2019 声道: Chinese

Master Yan Dongshan, owner of K.O. Martial Arts School, has not taken in disciples ever since his son Yifeng died during a match. He even chased away his daughter Yichen and his disciples Zhengbin and Shuya. Thai boxer Desri challenges Dongshan and beats him up, causing Yichen and the rest feeling indignant. Yichen decides to move back home to take care of him. Zhengbin decides to reopen the school and starts a recruitment drive... 一击道馆馆主颜东山自从儿子逸风在比赛擂台上丧命之后,将女儿逸晨、徒弟正斌和舒雅赶走,不再授徒。泰国拳王狄西佛前来踢馆,将东山打趴在地,逸晨等三人愤愤不平。逸晨为了照顾受伤的东山,搬回家里,正斌决定招生,重振道馆……。

The Good Fight 致胜出击 (TIF)
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