The Legend Of Miyue 芈月传

The Legend Of Miyue 芈月传 - EP54


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/02/2018 声道: Chinese

Before dying, Emperor Qin gives his sister, Madam Ying, a hand - written decree for the protection of the State of Qin. Believing that Miyue is entrusted with the imperial decree and being suspicious of its content, Empress Qin decides to kill Miyue.弥留之际,秦王将一道预先准备好的遗诏,托付于姐姐赢夫人,以便她将来可用之以平定天下。秦王后以为遗诏是在芈月手里,更担心芈月藉之以对付她和其子,于是把心一横,要将芈月置之于死地。

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