The Unholy Alliance 同盟

The Unholy Alliance 同盟 - EP20

Violence 暴力画面

提供: Channel U 发布: 13/08/2019 声道: Chinese

While Kent and Kate are busy preparing their wedding, Long Xiong receives an SOS video from Ricky. Ricky says a chief gangster in Taiwan wants to kill him because he is having an affair with the latter's mistress. Concerned about her nephew's safety, Ling Xiong decides to fly to Taiwan with her bodyguards. 正当令千佑与韦以柔,忙着筹备他们的婚礼,令熊突然收到令家就的求救视频。家就说他搞上了一位台湾黑帮老大的情妇,对方要杀他以雪耻。担忧侄儿的安危,令熊决定带着她的一帮保镖,即刻飞往台湾。

The Unholy Alliance 同盟
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