Tuesday Report: Relive 星期二特写: 生命加油站

Tuesday Report: Relive 星期二特写: 生命加油站 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/03/2019 声道: Chinese

Temporary shelters and homes for ex-convicts, abused girls and dementia patients provide immense relief and a much needed pause for them to recharge. In this brand new 4-parter series, follow Maia Lee, Darren Tan, Ben Yeo and Chew Chor Meng to visit the shelters and see how interrupted lives are steered back on track. 他们当中有些是前囚犯,有些是受过伤害的少女,有些则是患上失智症的老人家。当他们跌入人生谷底,是谁扶了他们一把,为他们加油喝彩?全新系列4集的《生命加油站》将带大家跟随前新加坡偶像李芝瑛、杨志龙、陈道荣和周初明,前去探访半途之家的边缘人。

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